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Here are the winners for Challenge 48. Entries for this challenge are now unlocked.

W I N N E R S )

Congrats to the winner. The new community banner will be put up some time this week!


Winners are also in the userinfo, as well as in the past winners post.
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Hi all,

We have tie in the voting for the community header challenge.

Please help break the tie... )

Tie-break voting closes Monday 5pm NZ time.
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Challenge 48 entries are now closed. Voting behind the cut, banners numbers are to the left of each banner.

Don't forget that Challenge 49 voting remains open until tomorrow evening NZ time. We need more votes :0)

V O T I N G ; )

# Vote for your favourites using the poll above
# Do not vote for yourself, or tell others to do so
# You must cast a vote for each available category and placing, otherwise your vote will not be counted
# You do not have to be a member, or have entered this challenge, to vote. But there is no anonymous voting
# Have fun! Don't worry about voting for the "trendiest" icon - just what appeals to you.
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Hi all,

As this community is a "benevolent dictatorship" democracy, I thought it might be nice to finally have a community banner.

The community's colours will change to match the winning banner, which will sit proudly at the top of our community homepage! The winning banner will be uploaded to my own server to save your bandwidth, so don't fret.

You have over a week, so "make it work" *g*

C H A L L E N G E   R U L E S ;
# Submit banners for use as this community's header image
# Be as creative as you want, but ideally it would feature most (or all) of the "core four"
# The name of this community (h50icontest) must feature prominently on your banner entry
# Post your banner as a comment to this journal entry - both the image and a URL link to the image
# No animation allowed (sorry, but a header image with movement's just distracting)
# Do not use previously made banners
# Banner needs to be exactly 780 pixels wide, no more than 250 pixels tall, and no more than 200KB (it can be done, I promise)
# Please do not post your banners anywhere until after results have been posted, and do not tell anyone which banner is yours
# Entries close Sunday, April 22nd at 5pm (NZ time - GMT+12).

Banners: 4


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